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Was your flight delayed,
cancelled or overbooked?

Then you are entitled to a compensation!

Check your flight

What problem did you have with your flight?

What compensation do I receive?

This depends on the distance of your flight…

Up to 1500 km
1500 - 3500 km
More than 3500 km

We automatically check whether your flight was delayed or cancelled
and meets all legal requirements.

How does it work?

We file a claim for you and take care of all the paperwork.

1. Check your flight

  • Click/tap "calculate compensation" on top of this page.
  • Fill out the form (5-10mins)
  • Upload your documents (screenshot of airline tickets, photo of your passport or other identification)

2. We work for you

  • We retrieve additional information regarding your flight (exact delay, weather conditions, ..)
  • We draft a watertight case (including all documents, proof, signatures and calculation of maximum compensation)
  • We investigate possible exceptional conditions
  • We send a notice of default to the airline
  • We negotiate with the airline

  • If necessary:
  • Settlement through lawyer
  • File a subpoena against the airline
  • Lawsuit

3. Receive your compensation

  • We receive your compensation (if necessary: forced collection at the airline)
  • We transfer the money to your account (minus our fees) without delay :-)
  • You can use the money from your compensation to book a new trip or flight!
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We keep you informed during each stage by e-mail. You can also track the status of your case on our site through your personal Happy Page.

How much does it cost?

You only pay if we win your claim and after you received the compensation.

Cost :

  • 25% of the total claim value
  • 25€ administration fee per individual
  • Not successful? No costs!
  • We charge the same price for every type op file
    (flight delayed or cancelled, denied boarding, downgrade)
  • We charge an extra 25% if we need to transfer the claim to our lawyers.

The price remains the same, regardless of when you file your claim (up to 1 year after your flight)
We will charge an additional fee of 25% if we had to transfer your claim to our lawyers.

Why choose Happy Flights?

We do our utmost effort to put you over the moon.

We love this!

We passionately follow up on your claim! No flight delay or cancellation can scare us. Our goal is to make every customer happy.

No paperwork

We take care of your claim so you are NEVER bothered with all the red tape, even when it goes to trial. Our service is never delayed.

Automatic check

Was your flight delayed or cancelled? Our software immediately checks whether your flight is eligible or not (which it is correct in more than 95% of all cases)

Firm but fair

We respectfully approach all airlines but will go to court (and win) if necessary.

Still not convinced? Read more about who we are.

When are you entitled to compensation?

The conditions are precisely defined in the European legislation (EU261/2004)

This legislation applies to ALL airlines for a flight within or from Europe. A flight to Europe is only eligible when the flight has been conducted by a European airline.


If your flight was delayed for more than three hours (at your arrival), you're entitled to a compensation, except in case of exceptional circumstances. Tell me more.


In case your flight got cancelled, the compensation you're entitled to depends on different factors, such as the time at which the airline informed you about the cancellation. Tell me more.


If you were assigned a seat in a lower class during the flight, in contrast to the class indicated on your ticket. This also applies if the flight was not delayed

Denied boarding

If you were not allowed to board the planned flight and arrive at your destination with a delay of +2h (typically when the flight has been overbooked).

Most people know that you get compensation if your flight was delayed, but as you can see, you can also get compensation in other cases.
Would you like to continue sifting through the law? You can do so in our FAQ section or by checking out our blog.

This is why we do it

Each positive review motivates us to continue doing what we do best

A satisfied customer

Very quick follow-up and personal communication on our case. I hope I do not have to make use of them anymore, but if I would again have a delayed/cancelled flight, I will definitely make use of Happy Flights again!

29 June 2019

Fantastic service. They kept pushing the airline when we would have long given up and managed to eventually obtain the compensation! Very satisfied with the service.

11 May 2019

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