18 presents that will have every frequent flyer walking on air this Christmas

Are you supposed to go Christmas shopping for a real globetrotter this year? Then save yourself the trouble of an endless search for the perfect gift. With our gift ideas you’ll find the perfect gift for a frequent or avid traveler in no-time.

Christmas has finally come around! Time to share our human warmth and make time for cozy moments with friends and family. But for a lot of people, Christmas also announces an endless search for the perfect gift. Finding inspiration seems to get more difficult year after year. Let us change that for you: we’ll help you on your way, with our list of presents for the passionate traveler.


Everything to get packing

To pack your suitcase in an efficient and orderly way, is simply a form of art. Give your friend a little help in the future, with one of these gifts.


Travel wallet

Going on a trip also means you have to carry a lot of important stuff, such as your passport, money, your flight tickets, credit cards, … With a travel wallet, you make sure all these documents stay in one place during the trip, so the traveler can easily find them in moments of need.

Travel wallets and passport covers come in all kinds of colors and sizes, from simple to sophisticated designs. Moreover, it’s often possible to personalize these travel wallets, for example by engraving the person’s name or initials. That doesn’t even have to cost you half a fortune, thanks to online vintage market places such as Etsy.


Picture by HOUSEofLH (Etsy)


A set of miniature bottles

Does your traveling friend often make short trips? Then he/she most likely only takes luggage with them on their journey. Make sure he/she carelessly passes the safety checks at the airport, with a set of miniature bottles for shampoo, shower gel and other liquids. You can easily find these little bottles in your local drugstore, supermarket or even at IKEA.


Don’t let them get wired up

Isn’t it curious how the wires of your iPhone earplugs always, yes ALWAYS end up entangled? Especially during a rough journey, telephone, laptop and other wires mostly travel all around a suitcase. To solve that problem, a leather strap can be a simple yet effective solution. Among others, Etsy offers the possibility to order personalized leather straps, to prevent wires and cables from being entangles during a trip. Would you rather shop locally? Than you can still order this technical ingenuity with your local leather artist.


Picture by Rachel Jones (hippie-inheels.com)


Personalized luggage bag

Protect your friend from loosing their luggage on their next trip, by giving him/her a personalized luggage tag for Christmas. Attaching a luggage tag to your suitcase can easily prevent someone else from taking your stuff home. There are several web shops where you can order a luggage tag, but you can also choose to order one locally or make it yourself.


A set of luggage cubes

In the suitcase of the less talented packer, structure and overview are mostly hard to find. A set of luggage cubes however can change that completely! A set of luggage cubes contains different bags for underwear, shoes, toiletry and so on. If that doesn’t create order in the chaos! With a little bit of creativity, it’s easy to gather a set of cubes together yourself, but for an instant solution, you can also order luggage bags online.




Comfort on the road  

Travel has got some benefits as well as some burdens. Just think for a second about all the luggage you have to drag around, or that time you almost got lost while your phone was dying. And we’re not even getting started about the maneuvers you have to make to get a little sleep on the airplane! With these presents, you can lighten all these travel worries and give your friend a little extra comfort on the road. 


A travel pillow

Neck pains are probably one of the most horrible side effect of a long flight. Luckily, there’s a range of travel pillow out there, to support your friend’s neck and head during his/her trip, and prevent nasty pains and cramps. According to Travel and Leisure, these are the best travel pillows for every type of seat sleeper.  


A foldable water bottle

Does your friend bring his/her own water bottle to the airport? Of course that’s very sustainable, but it also takes up some much-appreciated luggage space. Luckily that can change now, thanks to foldable water bottles such as those from the brand Que. They don’t just fold right into your pocket, but also come in different vibrant colors!



Power bank & adapter

Even when we’re out on an adventure, our electronic devices rarely leave our side. Just think of your camera, your mobile phone and maybe even your laptop (for some binge watching during your transfer). In order to provide sufficient power for all these devices throughout the journey, it may be useful to have an extra source of energy in your bag. A portable power bank is therefore the ideal gift for the traveling tech savvy.



Does your traveling friend also always complain about the bad coffee on the road? Then this gift will be a godsend. With its portable solutions, the French brand Handpresso is fulfilling the dreams of many coffee lovers. This gadget comes in handy for all types of travelers, from adventurer to city hopper.


Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine – Picture by Digitalnerds.com


Safety whistle or alarm

Does your friend sometimes go on an adventurous journey? Or does he/she regularly go out to camp by his/herself? Then a safety whistle or alarm is certainly not a luxury. There are fully electronical variants (such as the BASU alarm), as well as do-it-yourself versions, where you still have to blow air through the whistle to make a sound. The latter can then often be bought from local travel shops, such as A.S. Adventure.


4-in-1 adapter

For real globetrotter this is really an indispensable item, because let’s be honest, you can’t buy a new charger, hairdryer or electric toothbrush for every trip, right?! With a 4-in-1 adapter you can ensure that your friend can plug in anywhere without any worries. Make sure you choose a qualitative adapter, so that no short circuit can occur.



The OREI Travel Adaptor – Picture by Atlas & Boots


Give someone an unforgettable experience

Would you rather give this Christmas an experience instead of just a bunch of stuff? Then you may be able to please many travel enthusiasts with one of these gift cards.


Airbnb gift card

With an Airbnb as a place to stay, every journey becomes a lot more interesting. After all, you get the chance to stay with locals and really immerse yourself in the new culture. An Airbnb gift card thus provides the possibility to give your traveling friend a free stay abroad!

On the Airbnb website you can freely choose the amount (between $ 25 and $ 500) you want to spend on an overnight stay for your friend, anywhere around the world. The best thing about this voucher is that there’s no expiration date, so less frequent travelers can also enjoy this gift.


Eatwith voucher

Traveling is not only about new places, but also about new tastes and smells. Does your traveling friend also enjoy new, exotic foods? Then give him/her a unique culinary experience, with a gift card from Eatwith.

Eatwith is also called 'the Airbnb of global dining'. You do not only give your friend a meal with it, but above all the chance to discover new dishes, prepare them themselves and share them with local foodies. Learn how to make traditional pasta in Rome? Or rather a rooftop dinner in New York? With a voucher from Eathwith it's all possible. You just have to be careful that you do not start your mouth watering yourself.



Tinggly cadeaubox

Met de Tinggly cadeaubox kan je jouw reizende vriend(in) dan weer een reiservaring cadeau doen, op maat van zijn/haar interesses. Het concept is vergelijkbaar met een Bongo-bon, maar beperkt zich niet tot de Benelux of Europa.

Van een walvis-safari in IJsland tot cocktails sippen in New York. Met een keuze uit meer dan 500 reiservaringen in meer dan 100 verschillende landen, zal de Tinggly cadeaubox de stoutste dromen van menig reiziger overtreffen. 


Making memories and new plans

Making memories and planning ahead your trip are both just as much (if not more) fun as traveling itself. Make sure your friend can do both in the new year with these gift tips.


Interactive world map

People say that visualization is the ultimate way to achieving your goals. How better to visualize your travel goals than with a world map where you can simply indicate them?! With a world map like The Coarkboard Map, travelers can literally put their travel bucket list on the map and indicate their favorite places with a thumb nail or pin. Afterwards you can also add photos to the card and / or connect the needles by means of a wire, so that not only the destinations, but also the travel routes are displayed.



Fujifilm Instax

Nothing as nice as a photo that you can really 'grab'. For the traveler who would likes a tad of vintage, there is the pocket-size Instax camera from Fujifilm. With the Fujifilm Instax, travelers can record their experiences in a unique and above all tangible way, with polaroids that will serve as personal souvenirs for years to come. The SQ10 model is also specially designed for outdoor adventures. Finally, this small camera comes in different designs and colors, so that it is adapted to the taste of every type of traveler.


A scratch map

A scratch map cannot possibly be missing from a gift list for travelers. For an ambitious world traveler, it is the ideal way to scrape a new destination from the itinerary, when they’re back at home. Is your friend ready for a challenge in 2019? Then a scratch map is the ideal encouragement.


Smartphone camera lens

Most travelers today have swapped their digital camera for the camera of their smartphone. Moreover, you do not even have to be a real travel blogger to diligently share your holiday photos on Instagram. With smartphone lenses such as those from Xenvo, photos of that beautiful sunset or breathtaking skyline really come to life.


Britt Buseyne