31,566 passengers flying from (or to) Belgium this summer were entitled to compensation.

Of all flights that took off or landed at Belgian airports during the summer holidays, 254 were delayed or cancelled. In total, the 31,566 passengers of these flights were entitled to nearly 10 million euros in compensation! But not everyone has claimed their compensation yet...

All of this is shown in the figures by De Standaard and Airhelp.

The Belgian airports (Zaventem, Charleroi and Antwerp) do not do badly in comparison with last year. In 2016 there were over 8000 disadvantaged passengers more than this year. The average compensation per person did rise.

When are you entitled to a reimbursement?

Thanks to a European regulation (EU261) you are entitled to compensation in the following cases:

  • if your flight was delayed more than 3 hours,

  • if your flight was cancelled without a proper warning (or alternative),

  • if your flight was overbooked

  • if you had to travel in a lower class than foreseen.

The compensation can be up to € 600 per person, depending on the distance of your flight. You are not entitled to compensation if there are exceptional circumstances, but that happens much less than you think (or then the airline wants you to believe).

On n’aime peu ce qui nous est inconnu

Au mois d'août dernier, nous avions déjà noté que le nombre de personnes qui avait déposé une réclamation avait progressé. Pourtant, la plupart des indemnisations n’a pas été réclamée. Des études montrent que seulement 25 % des personnes qui ont le droit à une indemnisation la réclament.

Beaucoup de Belges pensent que l’indemnisation est “trop belle pour être vraie”. En réalité, ce n’est pas le cas et vous pouvez, en cas de doute, vérifier si vous avez droit à une indemnisation sur notre site internet et son montant.

Unknown is unloved

Research shows that only 25% of people entitled to compensation claim it effectively.

Many Belgians think the compensation is "too good to be true". That is not the case and you can check on our website if you are in doubt whether or not you are entitled to compensation (and how high it will be).

Let us help you!

Happy Flights helps people to claim the compensation. We take the administrative burden over from you, because it can become very complicated. The airlines have hidden all forms on their website and the procedure can take months. We charge 25% commission for our service and € 25 administrative costs, but you only pay if your claim is successful! If we need to transfer your claims to our lawyers, we will charge an extra 25% commission to cover those costs.

Happy Flights
Peter Van Hende