Check whether the Ryanair strikes will affect your flight and know your passenger rights!

After the strikes of the cabin crew on 25 and 26 July, labor unions announced earlier this week that there will be new actions from the Belgian and Swedish pilots at Ryanair on August 10th. And that means even more canceled flights.

When the airline cancels a flight, you as a passenger may be entitled to compensation of up to € 600 per person.

Just like last month, thousands of passengers will be hit again by the massive flight cancellations at the low cost airline Ryanair. All the more reason to know what you as a passenger are entitled to in case of flight cancellation. 


Overview of cancelled flights

To date, not all canceled flights have been announced on 10 August. Because Ryanair leaves many travelers in the dark, we have already compiled a list with Happy Flights with possibly canceled flights. Below is a link to the PFD file with canceled flights.

List of canceled flights on 10 August.

This list was not drawn up or approved by Ryanair, but was drawn up by us on the basis of the available information. Is your flight not between this list? Contact us and we will check if your flight is at risk of being canceled.


Can a flight be canceled?

An airline is able to cancel a flight, but you must offer a similar alternative flight or refund your ticket.

If the airline fails to offer a timely alternative flight, you can always choose to book a new flight yourself. However, these costs are difficult to recover from the original airline afterwards.


When are you entitled to extra compensation?

You are entitled to compensation if you were notified less than two weeks in advance and/or if the alternative flight you were offered has no departure or arrival hours that are comparable to your original flight.

In detail:

    • If you have been notified 2 weeks (or more) in advance, you are not entitled to compensation
    • If you were notified more than 1 week in advance and your alternative flight arrives more than 4 hours later, you are entitled to compensation (unless your alternative flight departs less than 2 hours earlier than your original flight).
    • If you were informed within seven days before your departure and your alternative flight arrives more than 2 hours later, then you are also entitled to compensation. (unless your alternative flight leaves less than 1h earlier than your original flight).
    • Attention, if there are exceptional circumstances (air traffic control strike, storm storm, ...) the airline must not pay compensation. If the airline invokes this exception, it is very important that you check carefully whether there are REAL exceptional circumstances in the game.

Complicated? We are happy to give you personal advice. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail, and we will explain everything to you.


How high is the compensation for flight cancellation?

The amount of the compensation after an cancellation depends on the distance of your flight and how much later than originally planned you reach your destination with the alternative flight.

    • Less than 1500km
      • € 250
    • Between 1500 km and 3500 km (and flights within the EU that are longer than 3500 km):
      • € 200 if you arrive at your destination 2 hours to 3 hours later than planned
      • € 400 if you arrive at your destination more than 3 hours later than expected
    • More than 3500km:
      • € 300 if you arrive at your destination 2 hours to 4 hours later than planned
      • € 600 if you arrive at your destination more than 4 hours later than planned

ATTENTION: this concerns specifically the compensation for a canceled flight. Different rules apply to flight delay.

If you incur additional costs as a result of the cancellation (extra night at hotel, meals, ...), these can also be recovered from the airline.


What about my flight? 

Unfortunately, Ryanair again leaves many travelers in the dark about the status of their flight. Are you worried about your flight or do you need personal advice? Please contact us for free support. 

Ready to claim your compensation? Enter all necessary information here and we will automatically check whether your flight is eligible for compensation (and how high it is). You can then also choose to submit a claim through us and we will immediately start working for you.

Britt Buseyne