Your flight was cancelled, what now?

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Was your flight cancelled? Then you may be entitled to a compensation. This only applies when the cancellation meets certain conditions and when there are no ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as extreme weather conditions.

However, strikes by the airline's own staff are not extraordinary circumstances. In that case you are indeed entitled to a refund of your ticket OR an alternative flight, as well as an additional compensation up to € 600 per person.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll handle it for you.


What compensation are you entitled to? 

If the airline has informed you less than two weeks in advance about the cancellation of your flight, you are entitled to compensation. This is also the case with strikes by the airline's own staff. The exact compensation depends on a number of factors, such as flight distance and the exact time the airline has informed you.

On our website we immediately calculate your compensation, based on your flight number and date of departure.

Your right to compensation as an airplane passenger


In some cases, you may be also entitled to food and drinks, an hotel room and/or a return flight  financed by the airline. If you haven’t received anything, keep the payment receipts of what you bought and submit them with your claim.


What can Happy Flights do for me?

Claiming a compensation from the airline company can be a lot of work. That’s why we help passengers suffering from flight problems to claim the compensation they are entitled to.

What we do exactly:

    • We verify the circumstances of your flight and check the validity of your claim
    • We take over all administration from you so you don’t have to worry about anything
    • If necessary, we will defend your case in court
    • We act as a mediator between the passenger and the airline company 

How we work:

    • We work on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis: you don’t pay if we don’t obtain any money for you
    • With a successful claim, we deduct 25% commission from your obtained compensation
    • We also charge an administrative fee of 25 euros per person, including VAT
    • If you have a travel insurance through one of our partners, you don’t have to pay any charges!


Can I do this without Happy Flights’ assistance?

Of course you can! Every passenger with a cancelled flight has the right to file a claim. Unfortunately, airlines make it unnecessarily difficult for passengers to obtain their compensation. So there are definitely a number of benefits associated with our service:

    • We are known by the airlines and we know who to address in light of your claim
    • We work much quicker due to our dedicated staff and their vast expertise
    • With real time data and our experienced team, we can judge the cause of the delay much better and point out wrong information given by the airline
    • Our lawyers are specialized in passenger laws (EU261/2004)


What are the conditions?

There are a couple of conditions to obtain a compensation with the help of Happy Flights:

    • The cancellation must not be the result of exceptional circumstances (meaning circumstances the airline could not have foreseen such as a birdstrike or bad weather conditions)
    • You may not have filed a claim with another claim agency yet
    • You should never accept any financial compensation that is lower than the one you are entitled to. This can reduce your chances of receiving a correct payment


How does the legislation work?

The EU261/2004 is part of the European legislation and specifies that passengers traveling within Europe and/or with a European airline, are entitled to a compensation in case of a cancelled flight, a flight delay, a downgrade or overbooked flight.

Because of this law you can therefore claim compensation if your flight is cancelled, if you meet the conditions and if there are no exceptional circumstances.

This legislation applies to all airlines for flights within Europe or from Europe. For flights to Europe are only European airlines bound by this legislation.


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