Happy Flights works according to the European Law

Some airlines are not happy with the arrival of companies such as Happy Flights, and even advise travelers to work with us. However, there is no reason for that, because we work according to the rules of the European Commission.


European passenger rights

Happy Flights is an organization specialized in the European rights of airline passengers. This means that we advise and support travelers when they encounter problems during their flight. This is the case, for example, with a delay or cancellation of your flight, but also with a transfer or class change.

Although European passenger rights were already created in 2004, only 1 in 4 passengers knows his/her rights in case of flight problems. At Happy Flights, we want to change something about that situation. By sharing our knowledge of the EU246, we hope to make more airline passengers aware of their rights, so that can remain confident in unpleasant situations.


A compensation for your delay or cancellation

In addition, Happy Flights helps airline passengers to claim compensation for their delayed or canceled flight.

Despite the fact that such compensation is a right under European law, airlines often impede passengers to actually get their compensation. At Happy Flights, we therefore put a team of experts at your disposal, so that your claim can be handled smoothly and without (administrative) concerns.

The existence of Happy Flights and its services allows airline passengers to enforce their rights in a relatively effortlessly way. This makes it much more difficult for many companies to escape their duties, making some of them a little reluctant towards companies such as ourselves. 


The operation of companies such as Happy Flights

In March 2017, the European Commission published a clarification on the operation of claim agencies such as Happy Flights. This clearly states that passengers can use our services and that we can validly act as a representative of passengers.

The committee also repeats a few rules with which claim agencies must comply:

  • The price of our services must be clearly stated. - Check!
  • We must have a signed power of attorney from the passenger to prove that we may act in his / her name. - Check!
  • We are not allowed to do unsolicited telemarketing. - We also live up to this rule!
  • We can not abuse the personal data of passengers. - We handle your data correctly!

Happy Flights meets all these rules and we are proud of that!


Free advice at any time of your (flight) trip

Happy Flights is also the only organization in Belgium that provides free advice to airline passengers at any time during their journey. Are you in the airport and did you just find out that your flight has been canceled? Call us for just in time support! This way you can make decisions with certainty and you do not have to worry about the rest of your trip.

Taking over the administrative worries of your claim is what we do. Making travelers happy again is why we do it.


Ready to travel happy?

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Steven Willems