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Have you experienced any flight problems during your (last) trip? Then you may be entitled to compensation from the airline. Unfortunately, airlines too often make it difficult for passengers to claim their rightful compensation. Happy Flights helps you to get what you are entitled to.

Our client Jenna talks about her experience with Happy Flights


What can Happy Flights do for me?

Happy Flights is an organization specialized in the rights of airline passengers. We inspire and advise travellers at any point of their journey and help them claim a compensation for their flight issues. Working with us has a couple advantages:

    • With our expertise we can advise you in the most complex situations. So you do not have to figure out anything by yourself.
    • We release you of all the administrative burden that comes with a compensation claim, as we handle it for you.
    • If necessary, we defend your claim in court without additional costs
    • We work closely together with counsellors specialized in the EU261/2004


No compensation, no costs

At Happy Flights, we work “no cure, no pay”: you only pay for our services if we successfully claim your indemnification. 

For a successful claim :

    • We deduct 25% commission from your obtained compensation
    • We charge an administrative fee of €25 euros per person (both incl. VAT)
    • Irrespective of the duration, complexity or juridical procedures.
    • Travel insurance with one of our partners? Then our service is for free!


An example: For a flight from Brussels Airport to Denpasar (> 3500km) with more than 3 hours of delay, you receive a net. amount of € 425 per person, after settlement of our services.


Can I do this without Happy Flights’ assistance?

Of course you can! Every passenger who has a flight delay of three hours or more, has the right to file a claim. Unfortunately, airlines make it unnecessarily difficult to passengers to obtain their compensation. At Happy Flights, we make the process

    • transparent
    • easy
    • and carefree, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation.


Already filed a claim with the airline or with another organization? If you (still) want to call on Happy Flights for help, it might be possible to withdraw or transfer your existing claim. You can read all about it here


Questions or doubts?

More information on the EU261 and the answer to most of your questions can be found on our FAQ.

Need personal advice? Then contact us directly.


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