“Ryanair deliberately harms passenger rights”

The chamber of commerce issues a devastating verdict against the Irish airline Ryanair.

Because Ryanair didn’t want to compensate several of our customers we have summoned them to court.

Deliberate obstruction

During the court case Ryanair acknowledged that the owed a compensation but would only pay out if the passengers would summon them in Ireland, regardless of where their flight was departing from or arrived. A needless and costly assignment.

The court wouldn’t have it and after an earlier interlocutory judgment the court has given a resounding verdict. In the verdict of 24/03/2017 the court literally states that Ryanair’s attitude only seems to be to intentionally harm the interests of the passengers and of Happy Flights.

Forbidden Clause

Ryanair appealed to a clause in their terms and conditions, but we argued that said clause is only used to deter passengers. There is no good reason why passengers facing problems during a flight (which doesn’t even fly in the vicinity of Ireland) should go to Dublin to demand their compensation. Especially when Ryanair already confessed that they ought to compensate.

The final verdict prohibits Ryanair from appealing to that clause from the terms and conditions again, as it violates the rights of the passengers.

Legal Security with Happy Flights

Happy Flights fights for your compensation until the bitter end. No need to pay extra costs, our fee is the same for everyone. 

Steven Willems