Ryanair publishes the list of canceled flights until the end of October

Ryanair announced earlier that they cancel up to 2000 flights in September and October. This caused a lot of outrage and Ryanair has now published a list of the canceled flights. In addition, they also announced will keep different planes on the ground during the rest of the winter.

Leave pilots badly scheduled

After the confusion of last weekend and the beginning of this week, Ryanair itself has finally clarified the situation. After extensive apologies from CEO O'Leary, the real reason why Ryanair suddenly took such a drastic step was also confirmed. It is said that many pilots are urgently entitled to leave after tampering in the internal planning of their pilots.

List of canceled flights

Since Monday evening, September 18, all canceled flights in September and October are known that are the result of this poor planning. Below is a link to the PDF file provided by Ryanair.

List of canceled Ryanair flights (September and October)

In addition, Ryanair has also decided to keep 25 aircraft on the ground between November 2017 and March 2018. That means another 400,000 impacted bookings. Unfortunately, no list was published about these flights.

What does this mean for your right to compensation?

We explained earlier what the conditions are for obtaining compensation on the basis of the European regulation. An important element in this is the time at which the airline informs you of the canceled flight as a customer. The fact that Ryanair has now published the list on its website does not mean that you were also informed as a passenger. Ryanair must personally inform every customer. This can be done via SMS or email, for example. The time this actually happened is important to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation.

When you open a file with us to obtain a compensation, you do well to give us the email (or screenshot of the text message).

Steven Willems