Too few passengers receive compensation

Only 25% of the passengers eligible for compensation after flight problems, has actually received it. This is the outcome of a joint research by consumers organizations in the EU.

The research has been conducted in 6 countries (among which is Belgium) and coordinated by the European Consumer Organization BEUC. More than 11.0000 passengers completed the survey, making the results extremely reliable.

Bad report

By experience we already knew that airlines were not too happy to pay the legally required compensations, but this results proves that it is worse than we thought. Only 1 in 4 of the rights holders actually receives compensation! That is regrettably little.

People who did receive a compensation had to fight a long administrative battle of exhaustion before they got their money.

Monique Goyens, manager of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC),says the following:

“these results are upsetting because airlines (despite clear regulations) neglect the rules en governments do not enforce compliance. Passenger rights need to be respected and apply to all, not  only to those who file a complaint!”

Get assistance!

Luckily you are not on your own. We will help you in demanding your compensation. Through the site you can (after filling in your flight details) check if you are eligible for compensation. Subsequently you can outsource the administrative handling of your claim to Happy Flights, 

Peter Van Hende